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You : Version 1.0

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

You: Version 1.0

Have you ever been told that you have changed? Have you looked back and realised that you aren’t the same as you were, let’s say 5 years ago?

Human beings are transient and dynamic. Cliché as it may sound we are evolving continuously.

In all the times of having lived, we see some phases as more alive than others. The chapters of our lives when we have tread new paths, dipped our feet in the waters, tasted new flavors, grown, changed, help us evolve and transform.

It can be tough to explain being a caterpillar in one moment that metamorphosed into a butterfly in the next.

What happens when two or more individuals who are constantly changing and evolving interact with one another? Explaining personal growth or change can be difficult in the context of relationships.

One has to spend time understanding the changes within as well as helping others to understand it. It also requires us to understand how others might have changed.

How do we make do with our growth? How do our family, friends, significant others make do with this changed ‘apparently another version’ of us? How do we work towards a collective understanding of this process, and move towards the realization that it is inevitable and continuous?

Here are some tips that can help you through this conversation:

· Be honest to yourself.

· Observe and reflect on the journey you’ve been on.

· Make a genuine attempt to share your story.

· Discuss your perception of how this change might impact others around you.

· Introspect on how the conversation went.

· Remember to celebrate your transformation.

· Find others who would be able to appreciate the growth process.

If you are feeling lost, experiencing doubt, shame or guilt regarding a transformative process you’ve experienced, and wondering how to negotiate personal change/growth or insight then perhaps a counselling session will be able to help you. Counselling allows you to stop, take a breath, make sense of the change you have gone through and move ahead.

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