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Our Online Services


Individual therapy is a collaborative process where the therapist and client work with each other one on one. At Reflective Arena, clients are looked at holistically and not merely identified by the issues that they want to resolve. Each individual is valued for who they are and is addressed with utmost empathy, genuineness and positive regard. This is a safe space that allows clients to build on their self awareness and meet their therapeutic goals through a strength-based approach. 


We provide couples counselling that deals with relationships between two or more partners. This Relationship counselling is applicable for couples that are dating or married, queer and people who are exploring or in polyamorous relationships. We hope that this space allows couples to meet shared goals and grow together individually and as a couple.  The goal is to foster love, trust and respect among couples and help create an enriched understanding of both the self and the other.


Support groups at Reflective Arena are spaces that are geared towards providing individuals with the feeling of belongingness and solidarity. The facilitator helps create a safe and supportive environment that makes people feel less alone in their experiences. Through collaboration and a sense of group cohesion, the hope is that these spaces allow room for both individual growth and personal reflection while connecting to others. The belief is that we grow in relationship with others and accessing community support can be resourceful .


EMDR is an evidence based Trauma focused psychotherapy. EMDR therapy has 8 structured phases and is a bottom-up approach to managing the after effects of trauma. EMDR therapy doesn’t require talking elaborately about the distressing experience.  EMDR is an effective treatment protocol  for Anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. 


We provide research-based and practical mental health trainings for NGOs, Corporate oorganizations, Schools and Colleges. The training topics could include working with trauma, couples therapy, gender and sexuality and queer affirmative practice. Learn experientially through role plays, develop awareness and receive support from experienced trainers. 


We provide supervision for therapists. The supervision work is a collaborative effort where the therapist and supervisor work together towards the therapist's professional growth. The goal is to achieve better client outcomes through research informed and formal guidance. The supervision also has a special focus on therapist self-care to reduce therapist burnout and augment therapist performance.

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