Money on the Couch

Money is ubiquitous and yet rarely spoken about in safe, honest, and open terms. Money and finances are unsurprisingly common sources of stress and conflict. Many of us grow up having a troubled relationship with money. Very often, money is shrouded in mystery, questions shushed, and bank balances guarded. At the same time, we are bombarded with financial information that we MUST know– be it "a good deal," investments, profits, tax-planning, etc. Some adults have the experience of growing up feeling responsible for money matters right from childhood. They have had to bear age-inappropriate worries and decisions about financial situations. In total contrast, others have had little or no conta

How to deal with Grief after Losing a Loved one?

Everyone dies, and everyone grieves. But everyone deals with their grief in their own unique ways. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are certain things that may help us go through the difficult emotions following loss. This article hopes to share some ways one may find helpful to deal with the feeling of grief. 1.Identify trusted few Grief is often accompanied with difficult emotions. It may thus be helpful to reach out and share the difficult feelings with trusted people around us. It is important to choose the people who make you feel most understood and supported and ask them if they are willing to support you during difficult moments. Our public grieving self and priv

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